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Trusted by HEMS, SAR, Police, Military, Offshore Energy and Aerial Work Operators around the Globe.
ADAC Luftrettung uses HeliEFB in HEMS Ops (Germany)


HeliEFB App - Weight & Balance

Any Helicopter,
any Mission,
any Configuration

Set up seats and stretchers, add your rescue, medical or any other gear you use and create equipment configurations for any helicopter and mission you fly.

A crew database supports quick selection of flight crews as well as medical, rescue and any other personnel on board.

Automated passenger and cargo weight distribution assist with a swift loading process.

HeliEFB App - Load Manifest

Weight & Balance, Load Manifest, e‑Signature

Weight & balance (W&B) and center of gravity (CG) is tracked from departure to zero fuel and triggers a warning whenever a limit is exceeded.

Comprehensive load manifests can be created instantly and e‑signed if required.

HeliEFB App - Performance

All the Performance you need

Get the performance information you need for any flight manual performance chart your operation requires, like HIGE, HOGE, HEC, ROC, CAT A and more.

Performance calculations are fully automated and based on current METAR reports.

Sjöfartsverket uses HeliEFB in SAR Ops (Sweden)


HeliEFB App - Flight Planning

Flight Planning designed for Helicopters

HeliEFB’s rapid, mission-oriented flight planning process is designed for helicopter operations and includes:

  • Your helipads & landing zones
  • Coordinates based ops
  • Stationary ops
  • Hoist ops
  • External load ops
  • Local SAR / search pattern
  • Hot loading
HeliEFB App - Flight Planning

Flights to your Helipads and Landing Zones

A custom waypoints database supports flights to your bases, helipads, landing zones, flyover waypoints or any other waypoints you fly to, like hospital helipads, offshore oil and gas platforms or wind turbine structures.

Documents like approach plates can be linked to helipads and landing zones and made accessible directly on the map.

HeliEFB App - Performance

Integrated W&B and Performance

Rapid flight planning is supported by automated W&B and performance calculations for departure, destination and for stationary flight operations like hoist or external load.

Automated passenger and cargo weight distribution assist in quickly loading groups of passengers and cargo.

Swiss Air Force uses HeliEFB in Military Ops (Switzerland)

Flight Log

HeliEFB App - Flight Log

Your complete Flight Log with e‑Signature

HeliEFB’s flight log is highly customisable, provides e‑signature and logs any information your operation requires, like:

  • Type of flight
  • Departure, destination
  • Flight times, block times
  • Takeoffs, landings
  • Approaches
  • Hoist, external load, fast rope
  • Fuel, refueling
  • Highest obstacle along route (FAA Part 135 ops)
  • Engine cycles
  • Flights within increased gross weight range
  • And more
HeliEFB App - Custom Fields

Customise your Flight Log to fit your Needs

Log all the flight crew currency information you need like VFR, IFR, NVG, night, offshore, hoists, external loads, fast ropes, landings, approaches and other.

Custom fields can be added to your flight log to record any additional information your operation requires for complete flight documentation.

HeliEFB App - Performance

Integrated W&B and Performance

W&B and performance data for departure, destination and hoist or external load operations can be tracked and added automatically to your flight log.

Automated passenger and cargo weight distribution assists with a quick loading process.

Data Exchange with your MRO Software

HeliEFB can be integrated with MRO or other software for automated transfer of flight log data.

Broward County Sheriff's Office uses HeliEFB in Public Safety Ops (USA)

Flight Risk

HeliEFB App - Flight Risk Assessment

Create Flight Risk Assessments that fit your Operation

Compose comprehensive flight risk assessments (FRAT) for single pilot and multi crew flight operations.

Create custom risk items, assign risk scores including “no flight” scores and define total flight risk ranges from low to very high.

HeliEFB App - Flight Risk Assessment

Mitigate your Flight Risks

Own risk mitigation measures can be assigned to any of your risk items to support the flight crews in a fast decision making process.

A rapid review and approval process of fleet wide flight risk assessments through your Operations Control Center (OCC) is supported for FAA Part 135 Operators.

Queensland Government Air Service uses HeliEFB in Public Safety Ops (Australia)


HeliEFB App - Documents, paperless cockpit

Fleet wide Document Distribution

Control your fleet wide distribution of documents like MEL‘s, checklists, flight manuals, SOP’s and more.

Supplemental information such as revision numbers or "valid to” dates can be added to any document.

Documents can also be linked to helipads and helicopters or marked as “checklist” for rapid access.

HeliEFB App - Documents, paperless cockpit

Rapidly find the Information you need

A comprehensive document search assists the flight crews in swiftly finding any document required.

A text search and multi page view enable to quickly find any information needed within the document.

Documents marked as “checklist” are instantly accessible to the flight crews.

HeliEFB App - Document, paperless cockpit

Access Documents directly on Map

Documents like approach plates or other landing zone information can be linked to helipads and landing zones to enable rapid access to those documents directly on the map.

On The Web

HeliEFB on the web

All the App’s Features available on the Web

All the app’s great features are also available on the web and everything you prepare syncs seamlessly between app and web.

  • W&B and Performance
  • Flight Planning
  • Flight Log
  • Flight Risk Assessment
  • Documents

Manage and Control your fleet wide EFB Apps

Comprehensive administration tools enable centralised management and full control of your fleet wide EFB apps and their data and content:

  • Define user roles and permissions
  • Manage users, flight crews and other personnel on board
  • Set up helicopters and mission equipment configurations
  • Add bases, helipads, landing zones and other waypoints
  • Upload and link documents to helicopters and helipads
  • Compose flight risk assessment forms with risk mitigations
  • Coming soon: Automated flight crew currency and flight duty time tracking

Access all EFB Data created fleet wide

HeliEFB on the web gives you instant access to all flight plans, flight logs, load manifests and flight risk assessments or any other data created fleet wide.

HeliEFB on the Web

HeliEFB integrates with other IT Systems

HeliEFB provides a powerful API and can be integrated with other software for automated data exchange.

East Bay Park Police uses HeliEFB in Public Safety Ops (USA)

Simple Pricing

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Allows for unlimited users & unlimited iPad app installs.

Prices shown do not include sales tax or VAT.

$ (USD) applies to USA, Canada only.

Svensk Luftambulans uses HeliEFB in HEMS Ops (Sweden)

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About us

We strive to build the best EFB Solution for Helicopter Flight Operations around the Globe.

Founded by a helicopter pilot.

HeliEFB was founded in 2012 by helicopter pilot and software entrepreneur Markus Siebert.
Markus has been flying helicopters in military, offshore and HEMS operations in the USA and Germany and holds FAA and EASA licenses.

He still continues to fly as HEMS pilot today and his knowledge, passion for helicopters and team oriented mindset have been deeply embedded into our company culture.

Built by an expert team.

Being based in Berlin, a hotspot for tech startups in Europe, we brought some of the brightest software engineers into our team, added that layer of expert pilot knowledge and envisioned our EFB to have four key qualities:

  • To be highly adaptable to our customers operational needs
  • To provide centralised EFB control and management
  • To offer workflows and interfaces designed by pilots for pilots
  • To integrate well with other software

Driven by customer feedback.

We work closely with our customers and highly value their feedback.
All new features are thoroughly tested by a select group of customer pilots on various missions before making their way into HeliEFB.

The result is an EFB that greatly enhances our customers flight operational processes and supports them in their compliance with regulatory requirements.
An EFB that we believe to be the best EFB on the market today for helicopter operators around the globe.