HeliEFB iPad App
Supports Airbus, Bell, Leonardo, MD, Sikorsky and other helicopters
Trusted by global HEMS, SAR, Police, Military, Offshore Energy and Aerial Work operators

W&B Performance

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All the W&B and performance
information you need
Weight and Balance
EMS Cabin Interior

Unlimited configurations

Add seats and stretchers, hoist and external load gear, floats, search lights, rescue and medical kits or any other type of mission equipment you operate.
Adapts to any mission equipment and enables rapid configuration changes.
Center of Gravity

W&B + Load manifest

Continuous weight and balance tracking indicates when limits are exceeded or extended CG, hoist or external load limits apply.
Load manifests can be generated and e-signed swiftly.
Performance Charts

Performance and payload

Comprehensive performance information based on current weather and elevation data is automatically calculated.
Cautions are triggered if performance requirements are not met or weight restrictions apply.
Risk Assessment
SAR Crew

Crew database

A crew database enables quick selection of flight crews as well as medical, rescue or other personnel on board.
Automated total passenger and cargo weight distribution further simplifies the W&B and loading process.

Operational Flight Plan

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Flight planning
designed for helicopters
Hoist Operation in Offshore Windpark

Mission-oriented planning

Enables rapid flight planning that fits your mission profile.
Plan flights with user waypoints, coordinates or custom fuel reserves and add stationary or other special operations like SAR pattern, hoist or external load ops, rappelling, hot refueling and more.
Custom Apprach Plate

Own waypoints + helipad plates

Add user waypoints like helipads, landing zones, hospitals, hoist areas, offshore platforms, refueling points or any other waypoints you fly to.
Link documents like own helipad plates to user waypoints and access them directly on the map.
Weather Map

Current weather and NOTAM

Current METAR, TAF, SYNOP and NOTAM data are used for accurate flight and performance planning and are accessible directly on the map.
The color scheme for ceiling and visibility can be adjusted to depict the weather minima of your operation.
Crew Change on Offshore Helideck

W&B, performance, payload

Rapid flight planning is supported by fully integrated W&B and performance calculations.
The available load for each leg based on W&B and performance data is indicated and cautions are triggered if restrictions apply or limits are exceeded.
Flight Plan

Customisable Flight Log

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The log that adapts
to your operational needs

Mission logging made easy

Record comprehensive flight information such as route and waypoints, flight and block times, types of operation, landings, approaches, hoist cycles, engine cycles, refuelings, fuel checks as well as any other information required.
Flight Log
Customizable Flight Log

Fully customisable

Customise your flight log and supplement it with with any additional information your operation requires for complete flight and mission documentation.
Load Manifest

Tracks W&B and performance

The flight log also records comprehensive load, weight and balance and performance data for each leg of the flight.
Digital Signature


The integrated e-signature provides a swift, secure and compliant way for the flight crews to sign the flight log.
Integration with other Software

Integrates with other software

To streamline your data process all fight log data can be shared seamlessly with third party software like MRO, billing or other via HeliEFB’s powerful API.

Flight Risk Assessment

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Rapid risk assessments
that fit your mission profile
Risk Assessment
Night Vision Goggles

Create own risk assessments

Compose comprehensive and fast to use flight risk assessments for any of your mission types, including custom risk items, risk scores and risk ranges.
Risk Mitigation Measures

Add risk mitigation measures

Own risk mitigation measures that reflect your SOPs can be added to each risk item to guide the flight crews in their swift decision making process.
Risk Assessment

Flight Ops Documents

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Swift fleet-wide
document availability
Document Overview
Document Folder

Easy document management

Upload and manage your manuals, SOPs, MELs, checklists or any other documents required on board.
Search functions, multi-page views and rapid checklist access assist the flight crews in quickly finding the information required.
Documents on Map

Waypoint documents on map

Documents can also be linked to user waypoints, making them rapidly accessible directly on the map when selecting the respective waypoint.
Document Folders


Full-featured +
complete EFB management

All the App's features and more

HeliEFB in the Web
HeliEFB Web delivers all the App’s powerful features on your web browser.
Flights can be planned on the Web and synced to the iPads in the cockpits within seconds. Wether you use the HeliEFB App or HeliEFB Web everything is kept in sync fleet-wide.

Comprehensive EFB control

Synchronization between Web and iPads

HeliEFB Web enables management and control of all fleet-wide EFB data:

  • User permissions
  • Users & flight crews
  • Helicopter W&B + performance data
  • Mission equipment configurations
  • User waypoints
  • Flight plans
  • Flight logs
  • Load manifests
  • Flight risk assessments
  • Documents

Complete system integration

HeliEFB’s powerful API enables seamless integration and fully automated data exchange with third party systems such as your MRO, billing or other IT systems.
HeliEFB is also fully integrated with Fleetplan, the #1 aviation management software.
HeliEFB in the Web

Plans and Pricing

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Simple pricing
per helicopter / year


  • W&B
  • Performance
  • Quick Plan
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
950 €/$

Basic Plus

  • W&B
  • Performance
  • Quick Plan
  • Flight Risk
  • Documents
  • -
  • -
1250 €/$

Plan Pro

  • W&B
  • Performance
  • Quick Plan
  • Flight Risk
  • Documents
  • Flight Plan
  • -
1650 €/$

Log Pro

  • W&B
  • Performance
  • Quick Plan
  • Flight Risk
  • Documents
  • -
  • Flight Log
1950 €/$


  • W&B
  • Performance
  • Quick Plan
  • Flight Risk
  • Documents
  • Flight Plan
  • Flight Log
2450 €/$
Includes unlimited users & unlimited apps
Prices shown do not include sales tax or VAT
$ (USD) applies in USA and Canada only

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