Electronic Flight Bag
for Helicopters

For iPad & Web

Weight & Balance,

Weight & Balance on iPad
Weight & Balance in Web Console

Any Aircraft, any Configuration.

The weight & balance and performance module enables rapid calculation of aircraft weight, center of gravity and performance data for the entire flight. It adapts to any aircraft type and aircraft configuration.
Aircraft configurations can be applied rapidly. Configurations contain seating stations, mission equipment (e.g. medical equipment) as well as cargo compartments or cargo pods.
Passengers can be positioned quickly via drag and drop. For passenger transport operations an auto-seating function enables automated seating of passengers in a pre-defined sequence, e.g. emergency or exit seats first based on total number of passengers and total weight.
The module also enables calculation of critical performance data such as CAT A, AEO and OEI operations.
HeliEFB Web enables centralized management and control of your fleet wide weight and balance data. Basic crew and aircraft weight data can be managed. Aircraft configurations can be created and cleared to use fleet wide or only for specific aircraft or bases.

Flight Risk

Flight Risk Assessment on iPad
Flight Risk Assessment in Web Console

Your Forms, your Scores, your Risk Mitigation.

The flight risk assessment (FRAT) module enables a rapid flight risk assessment for flight crews prior to departure based on custom flight risk assessment forms. Forms can easily be created and numerical scores as well as no flight scores can be assigned to each question. In addition risk mitigation measures may be assigned to each question to guide the flight crew in mitigating the flight risks.
HeliEFB enables a rapid review and crew notification process for flight operations requiring an operational approval of each flight risk assessment through an operations control center (OCC).
The HeliEFB Flight Risk Assessment module has received operational approval with the FAA and is already used by 400+ helicopters in the USA.


Paperless Cockpit - Documents on iPad
Paperless Cockpit - Document Management

Upload, Assign, Release to Fleet.

The paperless cockpit module supports your flight crews with all required on board documents. Documents can be assigned to specific aircraft (e.g. checklist, MEL), aircraft types (e.g. flight manuals) or bases. A full text search as well as filter functions help finding the right information quickly.
The quick access feature enables rapid availability of all time critical documents such as normal operation or emergency checklists.
HeliEFB Web enables easy upload and management of documents in folders.
Expiration dates and revision numbers can be assigned and the document release to the fleet controlled.

Supporting their Crews

EMS - SAR - Offshore - Air Transport - Police - Aerial Work

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